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 Server Feature

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PostSubject: Server Feature   Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:22 am

Server Website

Server Type

Server Rate
-7x Exp
-10x party
-5x Drop Rate
-Instant Pet Lvl Up

-Instant Lv45,55,120. Lv120-Lv150 it will be hard leveling.
-Instant pet Lvlup (max pet 150)
-Rebirth Quest 1-3
-Top PK Ranking
-Custom Marriage System
-Player Command
-Daily Quest
-Transformers (new feature)
-Auto Quiz Event (new feature)
-Gold Auction (new feature)
-Auto Drop Event
-Boss Info Npc (inform boss Died or alive and respawn time)
-Almost all gem available at npc accept Azrael, MSPD and ASPD gem.
-Got alot latest apparel
-WPE/RPE protection
-Anti Botting

-EG Town (Main City)
-Argent, Shaitan, Icicle, Winter
-Lvling Maze
-Dark Swamp
-Sacred War
-Demonic World
-Chaos Argent (upgraded)
-Chaos Xmas (upgraded)
-Guild vs Guild
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Server Feature
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