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 Newbie Starter Guide

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PostSubject: Newbie Starter Guide   Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:24 am

1. Creat new character and just choose any respawn town because atlast you will spawn at our main town (EG Town)

2. Meet Power Leveler (EG Town: 91,88) and you go for instant Lvl 45/55/120.
-You also will recieve life skill points after do instant lvl120. If you need more life skill point do a story quest.

3. Meet Job Changer (EG Town: 79,90) to change your job. After you change your job u will receive free Newbie Weapon (Custom Made).
-Newbie weapon cannot be trade and fuse. This is just temporary weapon until you buy new weapon.

4. Dont have money to buy skill book or pet item? Meet Power Leveler again and take Newbie Quest. You can repeat this quest how many time you want
-Quest Reward : 50k Gold
-Quest monster you can find at outside EG Town

5. Start your journey and have fun ^_^
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Newbie Starter Guide
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