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 How To Farm Gold

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PostSubject: How To Farm Gold   Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:26 am

1st Way
-Afking your pet and get random gold
-By killing monster system will add random gold

2nd Way
-Play Alphabet Master

3rd Way
-Farming 100k/200k/300k scroll from DS and DW mob

4th Way
-DW2 chest dropping million dollar note each chest
-Spirit Exlixir drop from wandering soul can sell to npc with quite high price
-Necklace of Snowman Warlord drop from wandering soul can sell to npc with quite high price

5th Way
-Cooking any pot and open stall sure got ppl buy it

6th Way
-Do Daily Quest

7th Way
-Farming novice, standard. expert chaos monster convenant/voucher and sell to npc to get some gold

8th Way
-Killing Mob in Lvling Maze you will get 30-50k gold (only last killer will get)

9th Way
-Exhchange item for gold at Gold Digger NPC at EG Town (119,80)

If someone want to share guide how to farm gold in our server, kindly post here. ty
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How To Farm Gold
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