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 Kylin Set Guide

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PostSubject: Kylin Set Guide   Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:35 am

How to get this set?
-You can get this Kylin Set and Kylin Weapon by exchange using EGpko Card at Card Exchanger NPC.

Kylin effect
*All Class - 5% chance While mlee stun target for 1sec
*Crusader - ( Shadow Slash ) 50% chance for a double stun duration.
*Champion - ( Primal Rage ) 50% chance for a triple stun duration, 30% for a triple damage, 50% chance for critical damage X1.5
*Voyager - ( Algae, Lightning Bolt ) 80% chance for double allgae duration, 80% chance for 2x Lightning Damage, conch ray 10% chance to get 1 sec stun.
*Cleric - ( Energy Shield ) 50% chance for x2 damage reduction, Spiritual bolt 10% chance to get 1 sec stun.
*Seal Master - ( Shadow Insignia, Seal of Elder ) 50% chance for Shadow & Elder duration x1.5, Spiritual bolt 10% chance to get 1 sec stun
*Sharpshooter - ( Headshot ) 20% chance for 20x damage.

Requirement to Fuse Kylin Set
-Stone Of EGpko in inventory

Kylin Set Stats

Kylin Weapon Stats

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Kylin Set Guide
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