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 Auto Quiz Event

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PostSubject: Auto Quiz Event   Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:03 am

Event Time
-9:45pm on Every Saturday and Tuesday

How it work?
-This quiz event is auto generated by system not by gm
-To join this event make sure you are in EG Town.
-There is 100 question available and system will give you random question.
-after it give question, player have 1min to answer the question
-to answer the question, you just need to type in your local chat
-make sure your answer written in LOWER-CASE
-If you give correct answer, you will get random prize from system (make sure you have slot in your inventory)

Random Prize List
-10x Chest of Azrael
-5x Chest of Azrael
-3x Chest of Azrael
-10x Chest of EGpko Gem
-5x Chest of EGpko Gem
-3x Chest of EGpko Gem
-10 Million Dollar Note
-10x EGpko Card
-5x EGpko Card
-3x EGpko Card
-30x Blessed Potion
-30x Miracle Potion
-EG Aura Effect (there is got alot type aura effect)
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Auto Quiz Event
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