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 EGpko Player Ranking

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PostSubject: EGpko Player Ranking   Sun Nov 01, 2015 11:07 am

Meet EGpko Player Ranking NPC (EG Town: 102,88)to check your current ranking

How It Works?
-Your Kill/Death will be recorded in choosen maps
-Ranking depend on how many your kills
-Every month ranking will be reset at the end of the month.
-Top 5 winner can claim their prize at EGpko Ranking Player NPC after ranking is reseted.

Rules (Read This)
-Make sure you are not feeding in recorded pk map
-If someone report you are feeding, GM will deducting -50 your killing points.
-If you still feeding after get warn, your kill points will be set to 0.
-Pls follow this rules to make server more fair and fun.

Recorded Maps
-Valley Of Death
-Circle Of Death
-Circle Of Death[55]
-Guild Vs Guild

Winner Prize
-99x Blessed Potion
-99x Flash Bomb
-99x Miracle Potion

Consolation Prize (rank 2-5)
-50x Blessed Potion
-50x Flash Bomb
-50x Miracle Potion
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EGpko Player Ranking
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