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 How To Verify the Anti Bot System??

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PostSubject: How To Verify the Anti Bot System??   Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:01 am

I know how it feels when you are busy in cutting woods then this Anti Bot System keep poping out in your screen and especially if you are a new player and still confused how to verify. Now ill give you a quick guide how to verify this system.

This what gonna look like when the Anti Bot System Pop Up in your screen.

Step 1

Now as you can see, there's a random letter that i put in red box, look closely and the random letters it say "x8t"

Step 2

Now, check on the bottom sceen,as you can see theres a red box that i marked it down.

Step 3

Simply type the Letters that it shown in Step 1 (example: x8t ) , no space or anything then after that the system will stop for a min.

Now you can you verify your Anti Bot System without any hassle, Happy Farming and Enjoy Smile
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How To Verify the Anti Bot System??
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