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 Update on Server

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PostSubject: Update on Server    Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:14 pm

I just wonder why admin only update on mall stuffs and dont have any update on server..

i just a concerned player of egpko...
hope admin see this thread

if you update mall stuffs you should also update the server because its hard for us to keep going on maze and we got nothing because you put it all on mall..
make sense admin?

your server is EGPKO V2 make some new things dont be lazy admin and want to earn money sorry not sorry but i think that is the truth..

PS : listen to all your players not be a on sided admin ^__^
i want your reply if you saw this thread hopefully because i think forum is useless Smile
or better make fb group that we can put our suggestions~
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PostSubject: Re: Update on Server    Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:52 pm

Please tell me which mall item u cant get from game? If u can see unmaller also can get mall item ingame. For now i dont see any issue for unmaller to catch up maller.

If you think i am lazy admin, for sure i will not entertain any scam issue. Everyday i am monitoring server to make sure server keep maintain and online. I already got future update planning to add in server.

I appreciate if player can give me a good suggestion that can improving our server. Thx
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Update on Server
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